My Bro Needs a Donor

Omar, has the condition aplastic anaemia.  This is a fatal condition if untreated.  The best treatment is the transfer of blood cells from a suitable donor.  A fundraising evening of music and comedy will take place on Saturday 5th August. However, the main purpose of the evening will be to spread information about the condition… Continue reading My Bro Needs a Donor

The British General Election

We are appalled by the increase of anti-immigrant and islamophobic propaganda being pumped out by the Conservative-supporting media in a last desperate attempt to revive their faltering campaign. The current focus is against EU migrants and Muslims, but this government has equally been responsible for the increase in deportations of people from the Caribbean. If… Continue reading The British General Election

Puerto Rico

Caribbean Labour Solidarity sends its support and solidarity to the Puerto Rican people and the students of the University of Puerto Rico, currently on indefinite strike. Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States since the invasion of 1898 and shares many of the problems facing the other countries of the Caribbean. The… Continue reading Puerto Rico


We were saddened to learn that Pansy Jeffrey has passed away. Her son Howard Jeffrey shares his mother’s story. “My mother came from Guyana to England in the early 1950s. She worked as a nurse for St Charles Hospital, midwife for Hammersmith Hospital and a health visitor for the London Borough of Camden. After the… Continue reading PANSY JEFFREY

Darcus Howe (1943-2017)

It was with great regret that we heard of the death of Darcus Howe. Black Cultural Archives are hosting an outdoor tribute screening on Sunday 9th April 2017, in his honour and memory. More details here... He will be sorely missed.