The British General Election

We are appalled by the increase of anti-immigrant and islamophobic propaganda being pumped out by the Conservative-supporting media in a last desperate attempt to revive their faltering campaign. The current focus is against EU migrants and Muslims, but this government has equally been responsible for the increase in deportations of people from the Caribbean. If the Tories win, it will be worse for all ethnic minorities.

This racist fake-news deluge is to hide the fact that the Conservatives have nothing to offer working people on the politics that matter to their daily lives: public services, jobs, wages, housing, the health service and education. On each of these issues, the Labour manifesto offers an improvement, as it says “for the many, not the few”.

In particular, the proposed National Education Service promises to put an end to the privatisation of education under the names of free schools, academies and, worst of all, grammar schools. Children of Caribbean heritage have long suffered under a racist education system, a National Education Service will not overcome this overnight, but it will give us a forum in which we can fight for real equality.

The current Labour Party leadership have a record of opposing the ghastly wars in which successive governments have involved us and are not tied to the coat-tails of President Trump. Theresa May’s refusal to condemn Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreements against climate change is short sighted and dangerous, particularly for the Caribbean. Small island nations suffer the worst from the effects of climate change: more hurricanes, droughts and rising sea level. If for no other reason, our solidarity with the Caribbean against climate change makes a vote for Labour the only sensible option.

We are proud that Jeremy Corbyn is a long standing member of Caribbean Labour Solidarity. He has stood beside us in all our campaigns and has a fine record of active anti-racism. We therefore urge you to vote Labour on Thursday 8th June.