What’s the new Radical? Deep Roots and New Shoots in Black publishing

In the radical tradition of Bogle-L’Ouverture and New Beacon Books, avant-garde Black publishing takes centre stage at the 12th Huntley Annual conference. Hosted at London Metropolitan Archives on Saturday 4 March, the Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA invites an intergenerational audience of participants and contributors to: take a bold look at the place of "Blackness” then and now; share new ideas on contemporary and progressive Black publishing interventions and accessible social media tools; and co-curate… Continue reading What’s the new Radical? Deep Roots and New Shoots in Black publishing

Fidel Castro

Many of us have been shocked and disgusted by the venom with which the late Fidel Castro has been attacked in the mainstream press after his recent death. Vitriolic but imprecise, vague talk of his having done "terrible things", but short on specific accusations. Let us be clear, it is not only Fidel Castro the… Continue reading Fidel Castro